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Dear Valued Customer,

Greetings from the CCX, Inc. family, our services include refrigerated, dry and frozen hauling for Truckload, Less than Truckload, & Intermodal services. Our focus and goal are to establish an emphasis on the quality of goods delivered to your customers or your store locations. CCX ensures that all of our carriers have the proper equipment that meets the characteristics for a clean and sanitized solution door to door.

At CCX, our commitment to our customers is to provide staff members who are qualified to handle food products and service providers who can meet your requirements. CCX has trained individuals who are certified to manage the day to day requirements for sanitary transportation practices during the transport of each shipment. We adhere to strict policies for critical control of carrying food with our written agreements, procedures that are provided to each of our customers. Our quality control process includes a systematic method of planning for taking action that is necessary to prevent food products from being adulterated from the point of origin to its destination. CCX takes the steps during the movement of goods to ensure food safety, of which includes adequate temperature controls, providing reports that measure the activity of inspections of sanitized equipment, thus preventing contamination or reducing microorganisms that may exist without adversely affecting the product door to door. Our goal is food safety first while streamlining the process to identify specific KPI’s along the way.

Technology and Systems Integration

Our investment is in our people first, while providing a mapped process to ensure a rapid response for quality control. Our integration and the use of mobile technology allows us to monitor positioning, trailer seals, RFID and biometric measurements. We create protocols such as Hazard Analysis, and Critical Control Points that help prevents failures or exceptions while in transit. Our system is fully customizable to measure your milestones within our Transportation Management System (TMS). CCX integration package can provide a single source contact with a comprehensive solution that will alert our customers by providing visibility of each of your shipments. This greater visibility and control enables a proactive approach while collaborating on every shipment. Couple with this information, we provide the corresponding data and documentations of key areas where food is being transported within our network, either by the full truckload, less-than-truckload, parcel, air freight, intermodal/rail, and import/export shipments.

Here are some key areas where we identify/qualify as our internal practices with each of our food carriers, they are the following:

  • Improper refrigeration or temperature control of the food in transit (appropriate Temp controls while in transit)
  • Improper management of transportation units (used during transport) to preclude cross-contamination, Pest control, including inadequate sanitation, backhauling hazardous materials
  • Sanitation Procedures associated with each equipment used while carrying Food
  • Identify improper loading of pallets while used during transport, including incorrect use of packing materials and poor pallet quality
  • Improper unloading practices, conditions, or equipment, including improper sanitation of equipment and leaving raw materials on loading docks after hours
  • Poor pest control in transportation units (while being used during transport);
  • Lack of carrier/driver/employee training and supervisor/manager/owner knowledge of food safety and security
  • Inadequate preventive maintenance by our carriers for transportation units (during transport), resulting in roof leaks, gaps in doors, and dripping condensation or ice accumulations;
  • Inadequate policies by our carriers for a safe and secure transport (during transport) of foods, e.g., lack of or improper use of security seals between stops
  • Improper handling and tracking of rejected loads and salvaged, reworked, and returned products or products destined for disposal;
  • Ensure that carriers provide proper insurance of carriers, contracts, and compliance with both FDA, Federal, and State regulations
  • Comment on shipment optimization for both LTL and Truckload shipments creating opportunities for additional savings.
  • Fully customized reporting that allows accurate and complete data on carrier performance, alerts and trends.
  • Credible & Valuable Resource to your Transportation needs We want you to think of CCX as an extension of your transportation team. We don’t manage freight for you, but with you. Our strategy is to utilize our knowledge in the following areas

    Our goal is to encourage carriers with useful information, data, and knowledge that helps them increase continues improvement for improved productivity while mitigating risk in your supply chain requirements. We offer flexibility, transparency and carrier neutrality through our team and our robust TMS system. We will tailor a transportation program specifically to fit your needs.

    CCX www.cc-x.com provides over 50 years of experience in handling food products, and we hold the highest standards of transportation support in the industry. Please contact us at sales@cc-x.com or Quotes@cc-x.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Integrity, Respect, Quality Service, Safety Culture, Spiritual Commitment,
    Family Culture, Diversity, Loyalty, and Responsibility.

    "We Care" is a statement that begins with our Managing Member, John Jelaco of which drives every Employee, Owner Operator, Contractor and Agent within CCXchange. It drives us to always meet the customers' expectations that starts with Integrity and revolves around our family Culture.