TIA SmartWay CTA Broker Shield



Cloud-Based Technology: Provides control, efficiency, and optimization in a just-in-time environment. This information along with exception management provides cost savings opportunities while increasing asset management.

Soft Cost Savings: Opportunities for managing freight audit, reconciling invoicing accessorials, and carrier freight payment.

Fully Interactive Portal: Shipment tracking, pickup requests, quote requests, document viewing, and much more.

Extensive Carrier Management: Complete maintenance of our carriers' insurance, contracts and compliance that meet both Federal and State requirements.

Shipment Optimization: Creative routing for LTL and Truckload shipments yielding opportunities for additional savings.

Fully Customized Reporting: Provides accurate and complete data on carrier performance, alerts and trends.

Dashboards: Leverage extensible dashboards to deliver actionable information to the right people in the right format.

Real-Time Analytics: Monitor the health of key metrics in real time.

Improve Access: Get visibility from any browser, anywhere.

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Family Culture, Diversity, Loyalty, and Responsibility.

"We Care" is a statement that begins with our Managing Member, John Jelaco of which drives every Employee, Owner Operator, Contractor and Agent within CCXchange. It drives us to always meet the customers' expectations that starts with Integrity and revolves around our family Culture.